Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nobody Is Perfect

By Pamela J. Wells

Everyone makes mistakes, little ones and big ones. It’s all about how you look at it—how you perceive it. If someone makes a mistake or does something incorrectly, don’t belittle them. Treating others with the expectation that they are perfect and should not make mistakes is unrealistic, delusional. That includes treating and expecting yourself to be perfect. When we expect others to be perfect, it is a sign that we expect ourselves to be perfect, otherwise we wouldn’t place those expectations on others.

Accepting that we are neither perfect, nor imperfect—we free ourselves, and in doing so, we stop being hard on and critical of others, whether it is our children or other adults. They are then able to be around us without all of that tension and negative energy—which frees them as well. Instead of being in the here and now and doing the things you enjoy, living every moment of your life in the present moment, you may be living in the constant, never-ending delusional thoughts of lack, being flawed, not good enough, not having enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough—and thinking illusory thoughts of how other people seem to have a perfect life, no problems, no imperfections, from what you can visibly see.

You say, “If I could be more like them.” You say to yourself, “I cannot let them know that I am insecure and feel bad about myself or they will judge me and validate my feelings of inadequacy.” Our fear is that we will be found out; and therefore, not be accepted. You have to accept yourself 100% and you have to release all expectations that you have placed on yourself and others to be perfect.

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