Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Within

By Pamela J. Wells

As long as you have negative self-perceptions and you are attached to external things and people and allow yourself to be effected by them, you will not be able to feel that natural state of peace and joy; therefore, happiness will elude you. It is the mind that tricks us into believing that peace is outside of us when in reality peace is our natural state of being. Let go of all self-defeating thoughts. Allow yourself to feel the peace, joy, and love inside of you, because that is your natural state, your true nature. It gets covered up by the mind and all of its faulty and false perceptions.

You can feel good inside at any moment, by allowing yourself to feel good inside. You just feel it. Try it now. Just sit there, clear your thoughts, and allow yourself to feel the feeling of peace inside of you. Acceptance is peace. Release your thoughts and focus on the feeling inside of your chest, inside of your heart, the energy that is increasing from your chest, from your heart, generating and glowing from within and moving outward, an invisible light that you can feel, that is an overwhelming feeling of peace. It is love. It is peace. It is your natural state. Peace and love will flourish from within and without.

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