Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love & Hate Cannot Coexist

By Pamela J. Wells

Hate shadows the heart. And where does hate come from? Notions! Faulty and false ideas and beliefs that create a wedge between you and others. Love comes from the heart, not the head. The head says, “I love you and you and you, but not you, or you, or you, because of this, that, and the other notions I have in my head.” That’s not how the heart works. That’s not how love works. The mind is full of notions and is the master of trickery, even tricking you into believing what you think (if you let it), to the point of causing you to alienate yourself from others, all in the name of “a notion.” Give it whatever name you like. Without the notions, you can love naturally. As soon as a notion pops up, suddenly it’s me against them. I’m right, your wrong. My values are better than your values. Whenever someone attacks another, verbally or otherwise, love is being shadowed by hate and anger, and when that happens, it’s time to take a step back and go within, because the mind has tricked you once again, into believing that your notions are more important and valuable than love.

Whenever someone is verbally attacking another, the other person shuts down. All they feel and hear is negativity, anger, and many times, they also feel hate directed towards them. They have to remember that the other person’s behavior has nothing to do with them. When you encounter an angry person, remove yourself from the situation, and away from that person. Do not allow their toxic behavior to seep into your being and shadow you and your heart.

In some people, their head is so full of hate and anger, that it seems impossible that they even have a heart and are incapable of loving. The only hope that they have is found within themselves, but as long as they run their life from their head and their notions, nothing will ever change. They will continue to create their own suffering and misery, as well as cause others to suffer, who cross their path, if those that they meet live in their head as well instead of their heart.

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