Thursday, March 15, 2012


By Pamela J. Wells

When you catch yourself blaming someone else, pull the mirror of denial out and look at yourself. If you are running late and you are in a hurry to get to work, don’t berate the cashier because you think that they are too slow or get angry at another motorist because you think that they are too slow and are in your way, when you should be looking in the rearview mirror at yourself, because you are the one who did not wake up early enough to allow yourself enough time to get to work.

It is easier taking our frustrations out on someone else than it is acknowledging to ourselves that our action or inaction was the cause of our stress. And when we get in trouble by our boss for being late, who do we blame? You’re right, the cashier or the other motorist who got in our way and prevented us from getting to work on time.

Whenever you get ready to blame someone else or find yourself in the middle of blaming someone, pull the mirror out. Here is an idea. Keep a compact mirror on you at all times, so you can whip it out at any given moment. If you are driving, you have the rearview mirror, but keep your eyes on the road, of course. Let your mirror be your conscious and your reminder to look within instead of without.

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