Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Big Beautiful House, the Beautiful Car, & The Luxuries You Have or Desire

By Pamela J. Wells

It is perfectly ok to be successful, financially and/or career wise. The problem is when the ego rears its ugly head, crown and all, to hurt other people along the way. The more we cling on to our money, to objects—the greedier we become—the less we trust others, the bigger our ego becomes, and the result of that is our spirit and our connection to others becomes crushed underneath those heavy mental and emotional weights. Instead of relating to others, having compassion for others, and helping others, the ego wants to protect and safeguard its assets for fear of losing them. At this point, we live totally in our mind, where we create our own misery and suffering by our faulty thinking. There is no space in our thoughts, no rest, no peace, no tranquility, no time to enjoy nature without the chatter of the mind. It’s not about the money you have or don’t have.

It’s not about having the biggest, most beautiful house, beautiful car, and all of the luxuries of life—it is about people, family, and friends. It is about that connection between people, feeling that connection, the life force that we are all a part of. If you don’t know it now—that it is about connecting to others, then you will someday when your family member or friend has passed away. The big beautiful house, the beautiful car, and the luxuries you have or desire can easily become distractions from those you love, if you let them, and then you realize how quickly you would trade them in just to have your loved one or friend back again even for just one moment.

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