Sunday, March 4, 2012

Change Your Thoughts To Uplifting Ones

By Pamela J. Wells

Whenever you find yourself feeling down, what were you thinking about? Obviously not everything that you are grateful for or the opportunities in front of you that you have not allowed yourself to see because you were too busy feeling down. More often than not, you were thinking about a negative past experience that you keep hanging onto. As soon as you realize that you were thinking about some negative past event, change your thoughts to uplifting ones. You will need to have a list readily available, because when you are down and depressed you are not going to be able to easily think of uplifting thoughts, especially if you are not used to thinking those type of thoughts. You need to create a list of everyone and everything that you are grateful for, such as your family, your friends, the supportive people in your life; and, you need to create a list of your talents, any ideas that you may have and opportunities that you want to pursue. Keep your mind open to new ideas and opportunities that you would not otherwise have considered.

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