Thursday, March 22, 2012

Accepting Ourselves

By Pamela J. Wells

We have to accept ourselves, and in doing that, it can be very challenging at first, because we are going to run into people who are going to use what they perceive as our imperfections against us to raise themselves up, so that they can feel better about themselves, by attempting to fill that void and emptiness within themselves. They have to keep the continuous cycle going of belittling others, of judgment, of ridicule; however, they never fill that hole inside of themselves.

Our challenge is to be able to accept that there will be people out there like that who will put us down and attempt to belittle us. We also have to get past that feeling of anticipating what people are going to say, or might say to us. We have to realize that there are many people out there who are unhappy and miserable, who lash out at others. We cannot control other people’s behavior. They are on their own path and can only change themselves. We have to be consciously aware of what we are thinking, in order to change our thoughts to positive ones, so that we can be at peace with ourselves and others.

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