Sunday, March 18, 2012

Being Kind When Others Are Not

By Pamela J. Wells

When you hear or see someone saying something unkind or cruel to someone online or off, say something kind and uplifting to the person who was on the receiving end of their remark. It will have a positive impact on that person and may even shine a light on the “bullies” behavior. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes and ages. When someone lashes out at others, it makes the environment toxic and people who want to communicate with each other in a positive manner, many times, shut down, even other people who witness this behavior, but they don’t have to. The best medicine for a bully is “Allies.”

This is an extreme example of a bully; but, here goes, I liken their behavior to rabid dogs, especially online bullies. They viciously attack anyone and everything around them. Someone who lives their life like this is living the most miserable form of existence. They purposefully shut others out of their life and go out of their way to be cruel and unkind. They are lacking the feeling of love in their heart; which, many times is due to them not being loved or shown attention by their parents or other caregivers growing up. This is not to say that people who were not shown love or attention growing up are unable to love, but when people lash out in such an extreme manner, they are not at peace with themselves and others, which is not natural.

Our true nature is peace and joy. Anything that takes away from that was created from faulty thinking and perceptions about oneself and others. When they lash out like that, they have a lot of anger and bitterness and only know one way to communicate with others. It is possible for them to wake-up from this toxic way of living, but they have to do it. Nobody else can do it for them. They have to be tired of suffering and open to changing, which starts by going within.

When you are kind, you clear the toxic air out with your words and the person who was on the receiving end of that person’s unkindness and others who witnessed your kindness to the other person will feel and enjoy your positive energy and you will be surprised, they will feel free to and begin to open up and talk when you have helped to clear the air.

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