Friday, January 27, 2012

True Nature is Always There With or Without You.

By Pamela J. Wells

No matter where you are, your true nature is always there. Your false self, the ego, covers up your true nature of peace and joy. When you are not excessively thinking, when you silence your mind, your mental chatter, you are able to just be--in awareness. You are able to relax and feel at peace.

Feeling your true nature and being at peace is possible no matter where you are, or what is around you or who is around you, undisturbed by externalities of phenomena or internalities of the mind and its endless chatter, undisturbed by perceptions, not fighting, not rejecting, not resisting, just being, filled with peace and joy.

True nature is always there with or without you.
True nature is effortless.

Whether you are just being or not, at peace or not, it is always there. Most of the time, it just covered up by the ego and cannot be felt. You cannot be at peace with ego. It has to be released. When you are trying to control another person or situation, when you are judging and placing labels on others, when you are belittling others in an attempt to feel better about yourself, to feel superior to others, this is the ego. Let it go. Release it.

When you find yourself upset, unsettled, or angry,  remember to return to your true nature, silence your mind, and then you will feel at peace. When you do this, those who are around you and who may be in turmoil or in a consuming state of egoic consciousness will be able to feel your peaceful presence coming from you, radiating outward from within.

When you are just being your true nature, you provide that space around you that is naturally at peace and unfilled by ego, by faulty and false perceptions, by judgment, which allows a space for others to be free to be themselves, their true nature, without feeling threatened or defensive. The energy level of the environment raises to a higher level of consciousness and becomes an environment of peace and joy.

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