Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spirituality, Enlightenment & The Mind

By Pamela J. Wells

Nothing To Gain, Only Ideas To Lose

Spirituality and enlightenment is not about gaining anything, acquiring anything new. It is about losing all faulty and false thoughts, ideas, and perceptions about yourself and others, about the world around you, that have blocked you from your source, your natural peace and joy that is within you. It is about realizing our connection to one another, to life, to all living creatures, to the earth, sky and to the universe, to the stars and to other planets, and beyond, to other dimensions, from the physical to the spiritual dimension that we can see and cannot see with the naked eye.

Spiritual & Physical Body

To be spiritual does not mean to deny the body. You accept all that is. The problem is that the world places too much emphasis on the physical, so there is an imbalance. When there is an imbalance, we move further away from our true nature, peace and joy—and closer to our false self, the ego, where we create and project unnecessary pain and suffering onto ourselves and onto others.

Awareness Transcends Your Analytical Mind, Ideas & Notions

When we live from awareness, we transcend our analytical minds, which dissects everything, separates everything into opposites—duality (ugly/beautiful, right/wrong, good/bad), only creating more conflict, anger, and violence. Yet we are oblivious to what we are doing. Why? Because we were raised on ego, the imaginary idea we have about ourselves, which becomes our reality and truth in our mind, because we are so conditioned to think this way, with this mindset. What we are taught to value, especially in the West, is our “Status” in society, from a child on, we are taught to be better than others, compete, and win. If you do, you are valued in our society. You are valued in your family and by your friends. You are valuable. If you lose, you are a failure, a nobody. People will look down on you. This is the ultimate “Insanity” of our society, the delusion that our mind creates and that is perpetuated throughout our society. None of it is real. That is why we have to wake-up. 

We have to wake-up from delusion to what is real. As long as your mind is swept away, swimming and drowning in the ocean of ego and notions, you cannot see the ocean and what you are doing to yourself and to others. You have to save yourself, because society is not going to do it, because the majority of society is with you in the ocean, swept away, swimming and drowning in the ocean of ego and notions. Grabbing onto and attaching yourself to others who are drowning is just pulling you further under and deeper. You have to break away, to save yourself first, before you can even think about helping and saving someone else.

One great way to experience your natural state of—awareness—and start to see everything as it truly is—reality—is to ask yourself a question, “Is what I am thinking real or my imagination?” You could also ask yourself this question, “Is what I am thinking real or societies imagination?”

If you win a ribbon or a trophy, you should be proud of yourself. That is what we are told. The mind creates value out of nothing, out of things that are meaningless. Ascribing meaning to the meaningless, value to the valueless is what our mind creates. Awareness has no value, it just is. When you live in awareness instead of from the ego and all of the minds notions, you can actually feel your natural peace and joy that is within you. Go ahead and compete, if you are an athlete. Have fun, but do not become attached to winning and material objects, like ribbons and trophies. There will come a day when you will no longer be able to compete and if you have not wrapped your identity up into what you have won, your ribbons and trophies, then you will be at peace with yourself and not depressed and down because you are no longer on top and in the headlines and getting the recognition and praise that you once craved so much.  

Competing or Embracing & Accepting

The problem with competition is that it is hard to embrace others and be accepting of others, including ourselves, when we are constantly competing with one another over everything, such as over our perceived status in society, educational level, job position, material objects, relationships, etc. The more that you separate yourself off from others, the less you are Self-LESS, the less you are able to see the suffering of others, the less compassionate you are, the less chances there are that you will give to others or volunteer your time to help others and do so unconditionally, not to impress others, but to do what is right and do what your heart is telling you to do. The more you are embracing instead of competing, the more connected you are to others, which creates a wonderful feeling of joy and peace inside of you, that cannot be felt when you are competing.

Remain in Awareness

Watch your thoughts. Keep what’s real and throw out the rest. The less, unnecessary, weight that you have on your mind, the lighter you feel, and the easier life becomes. Do not ascribe meaning to the meaningless, value to the valueless. Remain in awareness at all times and when the ego pops its ugly head up, acknowledge it and release it. 

Habits that are engrained in us—over years and even decades—take time and practice to break. Go easy on yourself, let go of guilt, when you slip up, and remember:

Every Day is a New Day to Start Afresh,
Every Moment is a New Moment to Start Anew.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Let's Inspire & Uplift Each Other

Once The Ego Is Dropped That Is When You Experience True Peace

By Pamela J. Wells

Not caring what other people think is when you experience true peace in your life. And the only way to not care what other people think is to lose your ego. The same concept as “Die while you are alive.” You will continue to suffer and be miserable if you get upset every time someone attacks you verbally, attacks your ego, because your ego gets offended and becomes defensive. You cannot change what others do or say.

It is not about them, nor is it about you. Without the ego it does not matter what they say, because you (your ego) is not important anymore. People who attack others verbally are coming from a place of ego (body-mind), the egoic state of consciousness. Like Adyashanti says, “Be a nobody.” If you are a nobody who is there to defend? Who is there to stand up for? Nobody! This is hard to swallow at first, the idea of being a nobody, because society, especially in the west, strives for recognition, accomplishment, a good reputation, pleasing others, increasing material wealth, and comparison of what one has (material objects) with what another has. So, you have a choice, continue to suffer or be a nobody. 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peace & Joy

By Pamela J. Wells

The only interference to peace and joy is the mind, so clear your thoughts.

Relax your body and release your thoughts by focusing on your in-breath and your out-breath. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in and then slowly breathe out. 

As your thoughts begin to disappear, going from being consciously aware to awareness, you begin to feel your natural peace and joy that is within you.  

The more that you do this, the better that you will feel. If you do this at least once a day, you will begin to see an improvement in the way that you feel each and every day.

You will feel more peaceful and joyful throughout your day, while you are taking care of your responsibilities and your communications with others will improve, where you are coming from a peaceful and joyful state, rather than a hurried, easily stressed state. 

You will be able to think more clearly and everything will begin to flow. You will be going with the flow, instead of against it.

For more breathing meditation exercises, read Thich Nhat Hanh's book: Breathe, You Are Alive: The Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Like a flower just starting to bloom,
Reaching towards the sun,
Your petals open up
And expand with energy
From the sun’s rays.

Like a painter who paints
Her creations
As her brush Strokes
The canvass ever so lightly,
Flowing freely
With Inspiration and Wonder.

Like a guitarist who hears
His creations before he even
Touches a string,
Waves of melody dance
From his fingertips.

A flow of creativity, never ending
Possibilities abound.

Look out your window
And smile at the suns energy.
The sun that has
never overlooked you
Was there all along
Waiting for you to see it too.

Dancing creativity,
Flowing through me,
I have now released you,
Freeing all that we can be.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

How You Know When You Are Living Unconsciously

By Pamela J. Wells

  • When you are trying to control another human being.
  • When you desire to be accepted by others.
  • When you live your life from the ego, the false self, your imagination, your idea of who you think you are.
  • When you are engulfed in thoughts instead of aware of thoughts.
  • When you create drama and you’re not a professional actor or playwright.
  • When you live your life on emotional auto-pilot.
  • When you believe other peoples delusional thoughts, beliefs—faulty and false ideas and notions.
  • When you believe your identity is formulated by the opinions of others.
  • When you create your identity from your own ideas of who you think you are.
  • When you get angry and become defensive over what other people say to and about you.
  • When you judge others, hate others, are bitter.
  • When you play shallow games of manipulation of and with others, getting a delusional high over the way you treat others, which comes from non-acceptance of self and insecurity.
  • When you think that you are what you do—your job, education—who you know—your given “status” in society—what you own, your house, your car.
  • When you believe everything that your government tells you as truth.
  • When you hate another country and people, because you believe your countries propaganda.

Living an unconscious life is easy—until you wake up. 
Then you are able to transcend your own 
unnecessary, self-inflicted and projected, suffering 
and are then able to experience 
your natural state of peace and joy.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Thoughts change. 
They come and go, 
but the seer, 
the peaceful presence, 
is always there.

~ Pamela J. Wells ~

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Little You

By Pamela J. Wells

You have these goals in life that you want to accomplish; but, you have this little you, hiding out in your brain—like a ghost—who has images of you, a slideshow, of all your insecurities, your false beliefs about yourself and what others have told you, and this little you determines what you do and do not do in your life; so, whatever life goals that you have, that you want to achieve, do not get any further than your mind. No action is taken, because the little you will have none of it and always sabotages your ideas, so that you never take action to achieve those goals. The little you has you pegged as whatever negative labels that others, as well as you, have put upon yourself. This little you is deep, in the depths of your brain and subtle, in the background, erasing all of your goals and ideas that you have on your mental chalk board. You do not even realize this little you is running your life, and it is running your life in the opposite direction of where you want to go. It sabotages all of your ideas; so, acknowledge it, when the little negative you pops up, take the eraser away from it and start taking action—NOW—towards fulfilling your dreams.

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