Sunday, October 21, 2012

Living A Simple Spiritual Life

By Pamela J. Wells

Living a spiritual life is simple. 
Living in awareness is simple. There’s nothing spectacular about it. Living a dramatic life, filled with mental and emotional attachments to notions, beliefs, opinions, labels, comparisons, constantly competing with everyone over everything, not able to have a conversation with anyone without bringing up some personal achievement or trying to get a one-upmanship over another person only creates unnecessary suffering.

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  1. Yes to all the above.
    I love your blog Pamela,lots of great stuff here.
    I've noticed a lot of folks are scared at the notion of letting go.
    Who would they be without these identities?
    I speak about these and other things on my blog as well,if you or anyone else want to check it

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  3. Hi there Pamela I started to see that class is getting into spiritual churches and work shops you see it growing if you not born with money you don't fit in you can not afford to go to work shops and many other things and its all focusing on lots to pay out.