Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Like a flower just starting to bloom,
Reaching towards the sun,
Your petals open up
And expand with energy
From the sun’s rays.

Like a painter who paints
Her creations
As her brush Strokes
The canvass ever so lightly,
Flowing freely
With Inspiration and Wonder.

Like a guitarist who hears
His creations before he even
Touches a string,
Waves of melody dance
From his fingertips.

A flow of creativity, never ending
Possibilities abound.

Look out your window
And smile at the suns energy.
The sun that has
never overlooked you
Was there all along
Waiting for you to see it too.

Dancing creativity,
Flowing through me,
I have now released you,
Freeing all that we can be.

Copyright © 2012 Pamela J. Wells. All Rights Reserved

Creative Commons License 

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