Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Little You

By Pamela J. Wells

You have these goals in life that you want to accomplish; but, you have this little you, hiding out in your brain—like a ghost—who has images of you, a slideshow, of all your insecurities, your false beliefs about yourself and what others have told you, and this little you determines what you do and do not do in your life; so, whatever life goals that you have, that you want to achieve, do not get any further than your mind. No action is taken, because the little you will have none of it and always sabotages your ideas, so that you never take action to achieve those goals. The little you has you pegged as whatever negative labels that others, as well as you, have put upon yourself. This little you is deep, in the depths of your brain and subtle, in the background, erasing all of your goals and ideas that you have on your mental chalk board. You do not even realize this little you is running your life, and it is running your life in the opposite direction of where you want to go. It sabotages all of your ideas; so, acknowledge it, when the little negative you pops up, take the eraser away from it and start taking action—NOW—towards fulfilling your dreams.

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