Sunday, January 29, 2012

Negative Self-Talk

By Pamela J. Wells
Published: 1-29-12

You may subconsciously look for things that reaffirm your thoughts and feelings of unworthiness or of worthlessness. You reaffirm your feelings of not being good enough, not talented enough, not smart enough—whatever you may feel that you are lacking. You try to quiet the negative self-talk, but you subconsciously are looking for that reaffirmation that you are not good enough. You look for others to reaffirm your negative thoughts of what you think you are lacking, whether it be family, friends, or acquaintances. You may even seek out these people and start a conversation on a particular topic that you know subconsciously is going to reaffirm how you feel about yourself. You have to realize and acknowledge when you are doing this or are about to do it. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, you have to change them to positive thoughts. When someone is talking to you negatively, reaffirming how you feel about yourself, you have to wake up and realize what is happening, what that person is saying to you, and not get pulled into their toxic way of communicating and behavior. Whatever they are saying is there problem. Not yours. Remember that. Do not allow them to continue to tear you down. Surround yourself with people who are supportive, kind, and caring.

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