Thursday, February 2, 2012

True Peace Is Within You & Not Outside Of You

By Pamela J. Wells
Published: February 2, 2012

When you know you are truly and wholly at peace, nothing external to you can change that. No one and nothing can push your buttons, because you no longer have buttons to push. Nothing can rattle you or take your peace away. Focusing on how unkind, rude, and hateful some people can be takes your peace away and causes you to feel anger and bitterness towards them. Their behavior has nothing to do with you. Whatever they are going through in their life is causing them to lash out at other people, or they may just be having a bad day. Maybe somebody pushed their buttons earlier in the day and was rude to them.

Expecting others to always be kind and respectful is a fantasy, a futile endeavor. Some people that you come across will be kind and some people will be rude. These are just tests that you are being put through over and over again until you come to the realization that your peace is within you and not outside of you. When you realize that, it is no longer a test, it just is what it is and nothing more. You no longer have an ego trying to defend itself, causing you pain and suffering. Just be as nature is, as a flower is, not judging anyone or anything.

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