Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Engulfed In Thoughts or Consciously Aware of Thoughts

By Pamela J. Wells

Most people walk around engulfed in thoughts and live their lives on mental and emotional auto-pilot. When you live your life like that, you act and react to everything instead of being aware of everything, what you think, what you hear, what you see. Instead of being the navigator of your life, you are the leaf blowing around in the wind by whatever comes your way. Going with the flow of life does not mean being blown around by life. The navigator navigates the wind, navigates their thoughts, gently, without struggle, pointing them to thoughts that are beneficial to him or her—thoughts that are positive and uplifting, and they make choices that come from a place of presence, peace, and joy and not from inner turmoil, negative emotions, anger, bitterness, or past regrets.

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