Sunday, February 19, 2012

Peace & Bliss

By Pamela J. Wells

Your natural peace, that is within you, can only be felt when you are in awareness. Your mind takes you away from your peace. Release all thoughts of others, what you think of them, your opinions and judgments about them. Release all thoughts of yourself, what you think about yourself, your judgments about yourself. Whenever you see something or hear something and you find yourself getting upset or angry, you have moved out of awareness and into chaos, into mind and all of its attachments and emotion. Peace cannot be felt. Remember to return to awareness by recognizing what you are doing, when you start feeling upset or angry. That is your sign to return to awareness, return to silence. Go to a quiet place if you need to or are able to, so you can return to your peace.

Whenever you have an opinion, a thought about what you see or hear, judging what you see or hear—you are in the egoic state of consciousness. Releasing these opinions, thoughts, and judgments brings you back to your natural state of awareness. Awareness is always there without the thinking and speaking language. Awareness is there while you are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling; yet, awareness does not need the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, or touch. Awareness is there with or without your senses. Awareness is not effected by your emotions, which are a byproduct of your thoughts. There are no mental attachments, thus no emotional attachments to anything. No attachments to opinions, judgments, or beliefs. There is nothing to compare, to latch onto, to identify with.

This is when true peace can be felt inside. The mind and all of its delusional thoughts are absent. The ego is absent. The identity is absent. The individual is absent. You do not need your identity to be present and aware. Identity is just a bunch of labels you have placed upon yourself to describe who you think you are or who others have labeled you as. There are no labels there to identify you. All that is there is absolute awareness, conscious awareness, and being. If you can experience that for just a moment, you will tap into your higher self, which is serenity, peaceful and blissful.

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