Thursday, February 9, 2012

Other People’s Perceptions of Us and the Meaning We Ascribe To Their Behavior

By Pamela J. Wells

How we perceive ourselves is usually based upon what others think about us, our family, friends, acquaintances. If they label us, we tend to believe what they say about us. How they treat us, also gets added to our perceptions of our self. If they treat us unkindly and call us names like stupid, then many times, we question if we really are stupid and begin to believe it. We have to stop ourselves in our tracks and stop believing our own faulty and false perceptions over the meaning we give to why we think others behave a certain way towards us. We have to really look at our thoughts and what we are thinking. Is it real, reality, or is it just someone lashing out at other people, because they are suffering or is it just an opinion, someone else’s or even our own, or a meaning that we have given to someone else’s behavior, such as labeling ourselves based upon their behavior towards us. And, we have to let go of our addiction to seeing ourselves and identifying ourselves as other people’s perceptions of us and the labels that human beings habitually use on one another.

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