Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Unity: Turning this World Around

By Pamela J. Wells

It is possible to turn this world around. It starts with each individual changing their faulty and false views and perceptions and coming together with others to promote peace and taking action to change the way things are, starting on an individual, personal level, with our family and other people with whom we come into contact with on a regular, daily basis. We have to stop fighting over senseless and meaningless things. When you stop ascribing meaning and value to things that are meaningless, then there is nothing to fight about. 

When you look at the big picture and put everything into perspective, most of what we fight with others about is senseless. Usually, it boils down to one person trying to control another person, trying to prove the other person is wrong. In order for there to be a fight, one person has to initiate a verbal attack on the other person and the other person has to react by defending themselves. We have to release the need to control others. It doesn’t work. It only creates resistance, anger and bitterness. We have to release the need to defend ourselves from verbal attacks. Trying to defend yourself from someone’s verbal attacks doesn’t work. The conversation becomes heated and escalates into more verbal attacks and may even end up in physical violence. 

Together With 
Peace, Love, & Unity 
We Can 
Shatter The 
Illusion of Separateness.

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